About us


MARFA is a brand founded in 2012 by Agata Mularczyk-Pyskło.
From the beginning of the company's existence - its assumption was exceptional quality and craftsmanship
tailoring at the highest level.

For a decade, the Poznań manufacture focused on unforced
elegance and freedom. MARFA clothes go beyond seasonal trends
for quality and unparalleled convenience.


Models with the MARFA tag have been produced from the very beginning
are in Poland in our Poznań sewing room, which is combined
is with the first official atelier.

Ecology and caring are inscribed in the brand's philosophy
for the environment, which is why our collections are often limited
and created with very high precision so that the clothes can
serve for years.

The fabrics used for our designs are sourced
from proven sources and are provided with certificates,
which confirm the sustainable method of obtaining them.


Marfa combines modern style with the highest quality fabrics
and adoration of traditional tailoring methods.
We create unique designs for women for whom clothes
it is a way of expressing your personality, aware of yourself
femininity, who appreciate timeless cuts, but above all
convenience to everyone.

Therefore, we meet the expectations of our clients
we offer clothes suitable for every occasion.
You can find both casual and perfect clothes
cut cotton tracksuits as well as elegant elements
wardrobes such as dresses and shirts made of the highest quality
quality silk.